Stay Connected
Grafisch ontwerp, installatie, performance, video — 2015

Everyone has it, everyone wants it, and everybody feels it. We always carry it around and we become anxious when we lose it. It is probably very close to you at this moment. You and your device have become inseparable.

Our smartphones have become such an important part of our daily lives. We have everything we want and need to know right in our pockets. And with every new upgrade, we become a little more attached to our smart devices. We've all become part of a worldwide sect where we have become one with our digital habits. In order to make people aware of this happening, I went to public space with the intention of raising awareness towards this issue. Some people I enlightened with a prayer, and with others I talked about their troubling attachment to their smartphones. Lastly, I have preached the word in different spots throughout the city.

Graduation project 2015 KABK The Hague

Individual show at designkwartier 2016
Group show at MinBZK 2015

Studio Janine Terlouw —
Stay Connected — ︎ ︎